Published January 18, 2024 by

Written by Jasmine

A Leap into the Future: Real Axe’s Advanced AI Ushers in a New Era of Interactive Event Experiences

Real Axe, a pioneering force in experiential technology, has left an indelible mark at the recently concluded Ngee Ann Poly Open House held from January 4th to 6th, 2024. Harnessing the formidable capabilities of AI technology, Real Axe ingeniously reshaped the event’s landscape, providing an unparalleled interactive experience for prospective students, parents, and visitors in attendance.
Displayed on dynamic interactive digital screens, Real Axe’s commitment to pioneering innovation in Artificial Intelligence resulted in the development of groundbreaking AI-powered experiences, showcasing the convergence of Real Axe’s expertise in AI learning:

Generative AI Image-to-Image Transformation

Real Axe empowered participants with a visionary glimpse into their potential academic journeys. By capturing images on interactive screens and selecting desired study courses, Real Axe’s multimodal generative AI transformed these visuals into personalised, anime-style representations, vividly painting their envisioned career paths. This seamless fusion of technology and imagination epitomizes Real Axe’s innovative prowess in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Experiential Technology.

AI Gesture Recognition

Participants engaged in an immersive 2-player challenge where they replicated heart gestures using Real Axe’s innovative Hand Gesture Recognition technology. Real Axe leveraged the power of deep learning, enhancing the accuracy and robustness of gesture recognition. The precision and fluidity of recognition, devoid of physical controllers, heralded a new era of interaction and engagement, showcasing the remarkable advancements achieved through AI gesture learning. Real Axe’s meticulous training of diverse heart gestures ensured flawless recognition, elevating the interactive experience to unprecedented levels.

These AI-powered experiences not only elevated engagement but also conferred Ngee Ann Poly with an unparalleled edge, transforming the event’s essence and imprinting lasting impressions on all participants. Real Axe’s visionary applications of AI technology reshaped interactions, setting new benchmarks in immersive experiences.

CEO, Mr. Li Pengfei, affirmed, “At Real Axe, our dedication to pioneering experiential technology remains unwavering. Through our innovative applications of artificial intelligence technology, we craft personalised and visionary experiences that seamlessly blend technology and human interaction, shaping a progressive future.”

AI-Driven Experiential Technology Breakthroughs

Real Axe’s transformative technologies at Ngee Ann Poly facilitated enhanced interaction and immersive experiences. The innovative applications of AI have not only amplified engagement levels but also reshaped the landscape of experiential technology. As a trailblazer in experiential technology for over 14 years, Real Axe continues to redefine interactive engagements, perpetually pushing the boundaries of AI and innovations in augmented reality, mixed reality, extended reality, volumetric video, holographic technology, and more.

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