Creative Builds
A dive into generating multimodal content as the future of interactive and immersive advertising.
Volumetric Video
Setting New Brand Innovation
Standards with  Multimodal Generative AI
From Words to Worlds
Generate Text-to-Image
Seamlessly transforming text into captivating images, presenting an AI-powered opportunity for marketing innovative campaigns. This groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology empowers marketers to infuse your marketing strategies with interactive and engaging elements. It’s ability to translate text into visually compelling content becomes the cornerstone of innovative, engaging user experiences, and participative campaigns.
Sure, here is an image of a futuristic dog coming out of a portal holding newspaper in the mouth
Redefining Visual Transformation
Generate Image-to-Image
Image-to-image generation marks a groundbreaking advancement in AI, redefining traditional visual transformations by creating a spectrum of diverse and innovative visual representations. This innovative leap presents an array of opportunities for brands to embed artificial intelligence within transformative marketing campaigns. Through dynamic image transfiguration, AI seamlessly molds images to match the essence of brand or event themes, highlighting the remarkable fluidity of sophisticated algorithms.
Sure, here is a modified anime style image of an auditor dressed in work attire and situated in a typical work environment
Echoes into Art
Generate Voice-to-Image
Voice-to-image conversion breaks free from conventional constraints, translating spoken expressions into vibrant visual compositions. This transformative technology harnesses sophisticated algorithms to seamlessly transform voice prompts into compelling visual representations. Empowering brands to pioneer AI-driven immersive campaigns. This innovative approach not only captivates audiences but also encourages interactive participation, fostering a new realm of user interaction and engagement within innovative campaigns.
Sure, here is an image showing a group of people waving goodbye to a panda
Clarity from Captures
Generate Image-to-Text
Image-to-Text turn visual inspiration into compelling content. Elevate your marketing strategy with AI-powered Image-to-Text technology. It takes your striking product images and transforms them into persuasive narratives that resonate with your target audience. Showcase your diverse range of products, services, and brand through captivating textual content that perfectly complements your visuals. This innovative tool not only enhances audience engagement but also streamlines content creation, making your marketing campaigns more efficient and effective. Harness the enchanting power of Image-to-Text generation to unlock a new realm of storytelling and impact in your marketing
I see that it is an AR game being played at a physical art display, where the player aims to land a virtual parachuter onto a landing pad.
Decoding Videos
Generate Video-to-Text
Seamlessly transmute your visual content into dynamic text, opening doors to creativity and engagement like never before. Imagine transforming video feedback into interactive customer stories or decoding facial expressions to tailor personalized marketing messages. This visionary tool not only streamlines content creation but also pioneers a new era of immersive marketing experiences. Embrace Video-to-Text AI, where visuals are transformed into the language of innovation, sparking unprecedented connections with your audience.
I see a young woman smiles while interacting with an AR hologram, hinting at a future where virtual conversations are part of daily life.
Creating New Voices
Realistic Voice Cloning
Unleash the future of brand storytelling with Voice-to-Voice AI.
Immerse your audience in a world of refined and engaging
voiceovers (VO) by cloning your brand's signature voice. Our
innovative technology breathes new life into your audio content,
creating a captivating and consistent auditory experience. Elevate
your brand's sonic identity to forge deeper connections with your
audience, setting new standards in immersive marketing and
engagement. With Voice-to-Voice AI, your brand's voice becomes a
masterpiece of authenticity and allure.
Original Voice
Cloned Voice
AI-Generated Voice
An AI technology that synthesizes human-like speech from text using
artificial intelligence. It enables the creation of realistic voiceovers
without a human actor, offering flexibility in tone, accent, and
language. AI-generated voice can be used to maintain a consistent
brand voice across platforms like videos and social media, boosting
global audience engagement through enhanced personalisation.
Making Innovations Better with
AI-Powered Recognition
Image & Video Recognition
Image recognition, similar to video recognition operates by detecting and matching images or parts of images in the real world with digital information or actions. This artificial intelligence technology navigates through variations in lighting, angle, distance, and occlusions within the images and video frames, enabling accurate AI image or video recognition and correlation between the physical and digital realms. This capacity serves as the cornerstone for augmented reality experiences, tailored product recommendations, and interactive marketing approaches.
Facial Recognition
Facial recognition meticulously maps unique facial features, precisely identifying and measuring landmarks like eyes, nose, and mouth. This AI process constructs a dynamic grid adapting to facial movements, enabling creative effects to synchronize with expressions. The complex artificial intelligence technology tracks facial movements, allowing seamless interaction between filters and the user's face. Users can explore makeup, accessories, and entertaining features effortlessly.
Emotion Recognition
Emotion recognition harnesses machine learning to decode facial expressions and interpret emotional states. Utilising AI algorithms, it analyses distinct facial markers—eye movements, brow furrows, lip shapes. When strategically applied in marketing, this artificial intelligence technology revolutionises campaigns by gauging audience reactions, enriching customer interactions, and customising content based on emotional responses.
Hand Gesture Recognition
Hand gesture recognition interprets a person's hand or finger movements and shapes using AI algorithms. Combination of computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and interpret different hand gestures. By capturing gestures, it allows interactions within marketing campaigns, offering gaming interfaces, immersive brand experiences, and user engagement. It serves as a catalyst for innovative and participative marketing initiatives, enriching customer interactions and fostering engaging campaigns.