AR Sky Effect

Through advanced computer vision algorithms and sensor tracking, we seamlessly integrate virtual elements into the user's real-world sky. This technology detects and analyse the sky's conditions in real time. Whether it's a bright sunny day or a starlit night, our system can accurately identify the current sky status, allowing for a stunning visual effect that blend seamlessly with the natural environment. With our advanced object recognition capabilities, users can tap on specific objects within the AR experience.

AR 3D Interactives

Creating a 3D model of a person or character and interactives such as animations, images, videos, audios and actionable links that uses computer graphics and rendering to generate and then overlaying it onto the real world through augmented reality. A combination of computer vision algorithms and sensors are used to track the user's physical environment and determine the appropriate location and orientation for the 3D content, which allows it to appear as if it is interacting with the real world environment.

AR Product Gamification

Seamlessly integrating 3D virtual modelling of objects into the real world through advanced computer vision algorithms and sensor tracking, users can employ intuitive tapping actions for precise interaction and collection of the AR objects from their physical surroundings, ensuring exact detection and interaction with these intricately modelled virtual items.

AR Packaging with Gamification

Redesigning user interaction, we transform product packaging into an augmented reality canvas. Our technology employs advanced image recognition algorithms to seamlessly identify the unique packaging design and overlay interactive games. Users can engage in shooting games, puzzles, and more, all directly on the packaging, thanks to precise tracking and gesture recognition, redefining the way users interact with brand products.

AR Outdoor Game

By combining marker-based image recognition with markerless AR, our system employs computer vision algorithms to initiate game elements upon recognizing predefined images. As users raise their devices, AR animations dynamically appear, triggering a series of additional animations throughout the game. Completing the game unlocks a promo code, offering a seamlessly immersive AR gaming experience that bridges the digital and physical realms.

AR Virtual Try-on

The use of computer vision algorithms and sensors to enable users to virtually try on products such as clothing, makeup, or accessories. This technology uses the camera on a user's device to capture an image of their face or body and then overlays a 3D model of the product onto the user's image in real-time. The AR system uses machine learning and image recognition techniques to accurately map the virtual product onto the user's body and simulate how it would look and fit in real life.

AR Personalised Gifting

Trigger an AR experience that can display 3D animations, videos, or other interactive elements with AR rendering technique overlays the 3D image on top of the real-world environment, using markers or spatial recognition to position the image accurately. The result is a seamless AR experience that projects the digital image onto the real world, creating an immersive and interactive greeting card.