AR Sky Effect Promo
Code Redemption
Captivating day and night customised AR sky effects, designed as an innovative marketing strategy, where you can redeem promo codes.
AR Education Journey
Experience the enchantment as a delightful 3D AR character springs to life, becoming your guide through a captivating, fun, and educational journey for immersive product marketing.
AR Outdoor Game
Embark on a captivating visit experience with our immersive AR outdoor game,
strategically tailored to entice visitors at targeted locations, as an integral
component of your dynamic marketing campaign, that enriches their overall visit.
Sushi Blitz
An immersive AR game where stunning 3D sushi models come to life, creating an
unforgettable marketing campaign to promote an exciting new product launch.
Battle of the Bacteria
Engage in an epic battle against bacteria in the immersive AR gameplay experience uniquely set on the product packaging, seamlessly blending the excitement of augmented reality with the marketing-driven mission.
Virtual Try-On
Step into an immersive virtual realm where you can effortlessly try on and explore an extensive array of products, revolutionizing the way you engage with brands and make informed purchase decisions.
Christmas Magic
Spread the holiday cheer and share the joy as augmented reality brings delightful
holiday-themed animations to life right before your eyes. Explore the interactive
greetings and discover hidden surprises that unlock exclusive gift vouchers.
AR Business Card
Elevate your networking game that seamlessly merge the physical and digital worlds, showcasing your brand's innovation and leaving a lasting impression.
Hand Gesture Interactive Screen
Discover a new realm of interactive fun as we employ cutting-edge interactive screens with hand gesture recognition, reinventing interaction with a wide range of creative gestures for a uniquely engaging experience.
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