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Written by Jasmine

Apple Vision Pro Release

Apple unveiled the release of Apple Vision Pro during an Apple keynote last year summer. Now, Tim Cook said that the headset will be released on 2 February, with pre-sales opening on 19 January. However, this much-anticipated device will only arrive in the US. Apple is yet to announce any release schedule for the rest of the world. The release is a significant venture into mixed reality and potentially elevate the customer retail experience.

A woman trying Apple Vision Pro with the app interface in front of her

A Revolutionary User Interface

This headset provides a brand-new 3 dimensional user interface controlled entirely by user’s eyes, hands and voice. Intuitive gestures allow users to browse the apps by looking at them, select the apps by tapping their fingers and able to interact with your operating system with voice assistant.

A man using Apple Vision Pro with The Environments feature, watching iceberg in front of him

Extraordinary Experiences

Another key feature of the Apple Vision Pro is the “Environments”. This feature offering users a unique and immersive experience by blending digital content with the physical world. You could immerse yourself in digitized locations that range from serene natural settings to outer space. Imagine our movies can transform into larger-than-life experiences, shopping can be more engaging and meeting conducted in more interactive manners.


A woman is using Apple Vision Pro to conduct a meeting with multiple screen of presentation and audiences

Future of Mixed Reality

With Apple innovations, the device could offers several compelling avenues. The Vision Pro’s ability to switch seamlessly between AR and VR make it ideal for creating engaging and interactive marketing experiences. For example, businesses can develop innovative products demonstrations or virtual showrooms for users to have better shopping experience.

With features like spatial photos and videos, Apple Vision Pro leveraging the device’s capabilities for storytelling and advertising. This evolution is offering businesses an innovative tool to create unique and immersive experience to redefine customer engagement and interactive. Businesses can stay ahead in the marketing sphere by creating meaningful and creative AR content in the future.

Apple Vision Pro display in front of audience

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