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Written by Jasmine

How NPN and Oddle’s Partnership is Revolutionizing Restaurant Payment Systems

In the fast-paced and highly competitive restaurant industry, every second counts. That’s why NPN, a leading SUNMI POS distributor, has partnered with Oddle, a comprehensive online and in-person ordering system for restaurants. Together, they are simplifying the point-of-purchase experience for restaurants and empowering them to grow their businesses.

With their shared focus on providing cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, NPN and Oddle are transforming the way restaurants process payments. By leveraging SUNMI Android payment hardware and Stripe payment processing, they are delivering a seamless and secure payment experience for restaurants and their customers.

NPN: The Leading SUNMI POS Distributor in Singapore

NPN is a leading distributor of SUNMI POS solutions in Singapore. It offers a comprehensive range of innovative, robust, and reliable point-of-sale systems for businesses of all sizes. The company provides a wide range of SUNMI POS devices, including portable POS machines, mobile POS systems with printers and scanners, and much more.

Oddle: Providing Seamless Online and In-Person Ordering for Restaurants in Singapore

Oddle is a platform that enables restaurants to manage and grow their businesses through an all-in-one online and in-person ordering system. With its user-friendly interface and secure payment processing system, Oddle is the go-to solution for restaurants in Singapore.

The Benefits of NPN and Oddle’s Partnership for Restaurants

Restaurants that partner with NPN and Oddle can enjoy numerous benefits, including streamlined ordering systems, fast barcode and NFC scanning, and simplified payment processing. With Tap to Pay on Android, restaurants can offer their customers a frictionless payment experience that enhances customer satisfaction and drives revenue growth.

>NPN’s SUNMI POS solutions are compatible with Stripe, providing secure and efficient payment processing for restaurants. With Tap to Pay on Android, restaurants can streamline the payment process, enabling faster service and an improved customer experience.

NPN and Oddle Partnership: Empowering Restaurants to Succeed

NPN, a leading distributor of SUNMI point-of-sale (POS) hardware in Singapore, has partnered with Oddle to deliver an all-in-one online and in-person ordering system for restaurants. This partnership is transforming restaurant management in Singapore with the use of portable POS machines and mobile POS systems with printers, making it easier than ever before to serve diners at the table.

Oddle’s omnichannel platform already partnered with SUNMI for Android payments hardware and Stripe for payments processing. However, the addition of SUNMI hardware provided by NPN has allowed for further streamlining of the point-of-purchase experience. Restaurants can now easily manage orders, print customer receipts, and scan barcodes and NFC tags using SUNMI hardware.

NPN and Oddle’s collaboration enables restaurant owners to have access to mobile POS systems with printers and scanners, providing efficient order processing and printing of customer receipts. The portable POS machines allow restaurants to serve customers at their tables and process orders on the go.

In today’s competitive restaurant industry, success requires a combination of cutting-edge technology, excellent customer service, and operational efficiency. NPN and Oddle’s partnership enables restaurants to achieve all of these goals by providing innovative solutions that streamline their operations and enhance their customers’ experience.

Streamline Your Restaurant’s Payment Systems with NPN

This partnership between NPN and Oddle is a game-changer for the restaurant industry in Singapore. The use of mobile POS systems and portable POS machines makes it easier than ever before to manage orders, process payments, and deliver a seamless dining experience. The added convenience of SUNMI hardware provided by NPN further simplifies the point-of-purchase experience, making it more efficient for restaurants and diners alike.

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