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Claud Tan

AI-Generated Content Era Is Coming

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how brands interact with their audiences. The integration of AI into marketing strategies has given rise to AI-generated content. It is an innovative approach that enhances brand creativity and engagement with audiences. This blog would explores few brands that integrate AI-generated content in making marketing more fun and and interesting. For example, KFC’s quirky image campaign, Dove’s challenge to AI beauty standards, Heinz’s discovery of brand bias and Real Axe’s voice to image technology. These stories show how innovative AI-generated content campaigns can captivate and inspire audiences.

KFC Exploitation of AI Flaws

KFC, a global fast-food brand, created a unique campaign with integration of AI called “”KFC X Fiiiiiger“. The campaign took advantage of an unusual flaw in AI image creation, where the AI created hands with more than five fingers. With the flaw, KFC use it to humorously emphasizing KFC’s finger licking good slogan with multiple fingers generated by AI. The quirky and humorous nature of images captivated audiences.

As a lesson, the campaign shows how brands can leverage AI flaws into creative marketing ideas. By turning a technological limitation into a unique marketing angle, brands can create a memorable and engaging advertisements. 

Dove marks 20 years of Real Beauty

Dove’s Challenge to AI Beauty Standards

Dove is known for its commitment to portraying realistic images of women. In their latest campaign, the Dove Code, it aimed to challenge the unrealistic beauty standards generated by AI. From the campaign video, AI is bias in generating video in portraying women’s beauty. Meanwhile, when the AI prompt include Dove Real Beauty campaign, the images generated are more inclusive and diverse in representing women’s beauty. In other words, Dove used AII to create images that reflect real women, challenging the narrow beauty standards that shown by technology. 

Heinz’s Discovery of AI Bias

Heinz, a well-known ketchup brand, discovered an interesting in AI as well. It is with the word “ketchup”. DALL-E 2 AI consistently associated the images of ketchup with the Heinz brand. The brand catches the flaw quickly and create “A.I. Ketchup” campaign. The campaign showed all AI-created images with the prompt of ketchup on billboard, print or digital media, reinforcing Heinz’s strong brand recognition by the technology. 

The campaign received widespread attention, highlighting the strength of Heinz’s brand identity. The creative use of AI-generated content reinforced Heinz’s market position and resonated well with consumers and media. It earns 2500% more earned media vs initial investment with 850 million impressions. It is an award winning marketing campaign that utilizes AI-generated content perfectly.

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Real Axe’s Voice-toe-Image Farewell Campaign

Real Axe, known for its innovative marketing, introduced a unique voice-to-image technology in their farewell for LeLe. LeLe is a beloved panda figure that left Singapore on last December 2023. The campaign allows users to create images based on their voice inputs. Then generative AI would makes personalized and heartfelt farewell visuals for LeLe. The innovative use of technology added a deep personal touch for Singaporeans to Lele.  

The showcase of technology highlights the potential of voice-to-image technology in creating personalized marketing experiences. Brands can use this technology to engage with audiences on a deeper emotional level, enhancing brand loyalty. 


The case studies of KFC, Dove, Heinz, and Real Axe illustrate how AI-generated content is transforming marketing storytelling. AI-generated content is still a new ideas for this decades. Brands can ride on the trend to capture audience attention and strengthen brand identities. Contact us today to explore how our experiential technology solutions can transform your brand’s digital presence. Let’s create something extraordinary together.