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Written by Claud
Claud Tan

Giving Back To Society: Educating Future Generation

On 13th of May, Real Axe is honored to get invited by Ngee Ann Polytechnic to share our industry knowledge to our future generation at their campus. In the lesson, Real Axe showcased the experiential technology that able to integrate into marketing campaigns to the students.

During the two-hour session, students learned about the key concepts and technologies that could apply for modern marketing such as: 

  • – Artificial intelligence (AI): Covering generative AI, gesture recognition, and image recognition.
  • – Augmented Reality (AR): Exploring AR gamification and product augmentation.
Real Axe team member, Gordon Loh provides one of solution for students to experience AR gamification
Student is playing AR gamification on their phone
Real Axe team member, Chris is engaging with students
Student is presenting his idea for one of our study cases

We provide few experiential technology examples for students to have hands-on experience with AI and AR application in marketing. Along the lesson, Real Axe team members also highlight the knowledge behind the technology so the students can understand how solution works.

Collaborating with Ngee Ann Polytechnic

This initiative would not have been possible without the support of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. As a top educational institutional, Ngee Ann Polytechnic giving their students real-world experiences and invited us to teach in one of their lessons. Thus, Ngee Ann Polytechnic have us to showcase the technology to business students who are likely benefit from it.

Targeting Future Business Leaders

Our solution is suited for business students to learn as they would be able to use the knowledge and tools to think and use technology creatively in their assessment. Besides, understanding these fundamentals of experiential experience would be useful for their future careers, enabliing them to innovate and success in the digital world.  The lesson was attended by more than 40 students and we are glad they participated the activities that we provided enthusiastically.

Making an Impact

We are delighted that Ngee Ann Polytechnic approached us to provide the lesson as we believed the knowledge sharing would be beneficial for our future generation. Plus, it could inspire creativity and interest in technology among students. By exposing them to the latest advancements, we could help them to think outside the box and come up with new brand engagements ideas.For brands who would like to learn more about experiential technology, welcome to contact us.