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Unlock Affordable Experiential Technology For Your Marketing Campaigns

Welcome to the future of marketing with Real Axe, where we make immersive experience for your marketing campaigns more captivating in affordable way. Our cutting-edge experiential technology would help your campaigns stand out and connect with people in fun and engaging ways. Whether it is a product launch, branding or unforgettable events planning, our technology solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Now, we make experiential marketing affordable and accommodate to any marketing budget with our technology. First of all, let’s understand what is experiential marketing. 

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential Marketing is also known as engagement marketing, live marketing or experiential brand marketing. It is a marketing strategy that directly engages with your customers and encourage them to participate in a brand experience. The experience typically involve digital components and bring a brand to life in a big and meaningful way for customers. Experiential marketing can range from pop-up stores to virtual events to interactive installations. These campaigns are effective because it connect with your customers emotionally and leave a long lasting impression to them. As long as the experience are making sense for your brand and supporting marketing goal, there are limitless ways in delivering surprise and delights for customers. Here are our newly launched pricing plans that have the best plan for your marketing campaign. 

Pricing Plans Tailored To Fit Every Brand

All plans below have include design work (such as customized landing page, copywriting, fonts) and engagement tools that you may need (such as customer rewards setup and social media sharing).

1) Starter Plan : Kick Start New Ideas

Our Starter Plan is perfect for brands to explore exciting experiential marketing. This plan includes:

  • – Branding Elements : Inclusive of Real Axe logo watermark and standard Real Axe mascot for message delivering.
  • – Analytics Data : Get insights on rewards report ONLY.
  • – Support and Services : Get email support

Special Offer : Try our Starter plan for 3 days ABSOLUTELY FREE! It’s a perfect way to test the water without having to pay anything.

Click here to view our tools that suit you.

2) Premium Plan : Elevate Your Campaign

Our Premium Plan designed for brands that want to really stand out and make a difference. This plan expands on the Starter Plan by offering :

  • – Advanced Branding Elements : Customizable Real Axe mascot and stronger branding with your logo presence.
  • – Detailed Analytics Data : In-dept insight of customer information and data to gauge success and optimize campaign performance.
  • – Priority Support : Dedicated account manager support during campaign deployment.

Jump-start your premium plan as low as US$3,800 and make a significant marketing impact for your brand.

Click here to view our tools that suit you.

3) Custom Plan : Realize Your Marketing Vision

Our Custom Plan is the ultimate solution that tailored everything just for your brand campaign. You tell us your campaign goal and we will bring it to life :

  • – Exclusive Branding Elements : Full flexibility of look and feel of the campaign.
  • – Comprehensive Analytics Data : Advanced metrics tailored to your specific goals.
  • – Dedicated Support and Solution Marketing : Dedicated account manager during campaign deployment

Contact us to customize solutions for your experiential marketing campaign.

Experiential Marketing Campaign Plan l Real Axe

Pricing for Every Schedule

Your needs might change based on campaign duration and scale. We offer variable pricing based on the number of days you engage with our experiential technology. From three-day pop-ups to one-month installation, our pricing adapts to your campaign’s timeline.

Ready to Transform Your Marketing Strategy?

At Real Axe, we believe in the power of experiential technology that revolutionize your marketing campaign. Thus, we are here to help brands to create deeper connections with audience. Get in touch with us today to bring your creative vision to life or try our FREE three-day trial of the Starter Package. For more details on pricing and services, set up a talk with us.