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Claud Tan

Navigating February 2024 Experiential Products/Campaigns

In February 2024, experiential technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) landscape witnessed a convergency of festivity and innovation. Brands getting to realize how important it is to grab people’s attention, especially during festive celebrations such as Chinese New Year. They got more creative in using AI and AR to make their marketing campaign more exciting and connect with people in fun and memorable ways. Take a look of few AI and AR products/campaigns from February.

1) Sora AI launch shaping the future of content creation

A clip of Astronaut extract from Sora video

One of the most talked-about launches in February 2024 should be Sora AI, which we covered on our previous blog post before as well. The launch of Sora AI marked a significant milestone in AI development. For those who don’t know Sora AI, it is a text-to-video model designed to translate users’ text prompt into dynamic and visually engaging videos. This groundbreaking technology would make digital content creation much easier where ideas could come to life at your fingertips. Currently, Sora is only available to “Red Team” and no confirmed released date to the public. It potentially able to transform marketing landscape of multiple industries by producing high-quality video content for brands. It would be an invaluable asset across various sectors in the coming future.

2) Apple Vision Pro goes on sales

A lady wearing Apple Vision Pro

Apple introduced Vision Pro, a cutting-edge technology AR device set that able to redefine the landscape of mixed reality on June 2023. After few months, the anticipated sales only started on beginning of February 2024. Generally, the headset received a largely positive reception, with reviewers praising its incredible immersion and high build quality. However, there are few features that didn’t make the cut and not up to the price tag value. As example, it doesn’t compatible with Find My location tracking. Given with hefty price tag to purchase Vision Pro, users wouldn’t want to lost it and not able to track it like how it does to other Apple products. Moreover, the lack of third-party apps such as Youtube, Netflix and Spotify in Vision Pro are totally turn-off for users who would want to have immersive entertainment experience. Hopefully future quick software update or later version of the headset able to solve these shortcomings.

3) Coca Cola integrate AR technology for their Chinese New Year Campaign

2 women enjoying their Coca Cola drink with AR Dragon surrounding them
Source : MarketingInAsia

The festive season of Chinese New Year in Singapore witnessed Coca Cola tapping into AR technology to create an engaging and immersive campaign. The campaign was designed to bridge traditional celebrations with the digital age, ensuring the celebration could be a memorable one across generations. Coca ola highlighted the potential of AR technology to enhance the consume engagement but also demonstrated the effectiveness of experiential technology in building stronger bonding between brand and consumers.

You can try the filter on your mobile Instagram app from this link.

4) Alipay’s AI-Driven Chinese New Year Campaign was a hit in China

A phone showing AliPay interface showing their AI Theatre feature
Source : 36kr

There is another experiential technology integrated Chinese New Year Campaign from Alipay that we could learn of. Alipay is an established mobile and online payment app that have dominated China digital payment service market share, alongside WechatPay. Alipay have launched a Chinese New year Campaign, 5 Fortune and it was a hit in China because of its cool use of AI technology. They integrated AI in4 different ways which were AI Theatre, AI Fortune Hunt, AI Photo Studio and AI Red Packets. 

A clip from influencer using Alipay's AI Theatre feature
AI Theatre – Allow users to upload their portrait photo and transform themselves into key characters from classic Chinese films, including those by the renowned Stephen Chow.
Multiple picture that show hidden “Fu (福)” character
AI Fortune Hunt – Challenge users to uncover hidden “Fu (福)” character from more than 100,000 AI crafted images.
Photo template from AliPay AI Photo Studio
AI Photo Studio – Unite users with their friends and family in 16 customizable AI-generated group photos template.
Example of AliPay AI Red Packets
AI Red Packets – Allow users to craft digital red packets complete with video covers featuring users’ avatar.

With its response, it showed how AI technology could make marketing campaign more fun and engaging. 

In February 2024, brands got creative with AI and AR technology to make their campaigns or products more exciting. You could do the same as well to make your marketing campaign stand out like Coca Cola and Alipay did with Real Axe. Get in touch with us today to find out how we could help to make your marketing campaign a success. Let’s make your brand unforgettable together!