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Claud Tan

“Dune: Part Two”, the sequel to the critically acclaimed and stunning visual from adaption of Frank Herbert’s masterpiece has finally released now. Following the movie release, the marketing team has worked with Snapchat to unveil an immersive AR experience in social media platform. This partnership shows us how important social media has become for promoting movies like how other mega productions such as Barbie and Avatar The Way Of Water did for their movie release.

To Show Dune Part Two AR effect on Snapchat
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“Dune: Part Two” AR Filter on Snapchat

It is not a strange phenomenon for movies to promote their film on social media platforms. But The “Dune: Part Two” production team take the promotional activities into another level with adaption of AR effect in Snapchat. With the new AR effect in Snapchat, users can feel as if they’re stepping into the movie universe, the dunes of Arrakis. With detailed visual elements and interactive features, it allows users to experience the beauty of the desert planet and riding on sandworm.

It is easy to access the AR effect for Snapchat users. All you need to do is scan a QR code or search in the snapchat app, and you’re set. You can try out the filter with this link.

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Modern Movie Marketing in Utilizing Social Media AR Filter

Snapchat plays a crucial role in promoting the movie and offering opportunities to engage with movie fans. Statically, Snapchat has a large user base which has now reached 414 million daily active users and generally they are Gen Z users with 75% of them come from 25 different countries. It also worth noting that Snapchat users are 1.7 times more likely to watch a movie on opening weekend compared to non-Snapchat users.

Mega movie productions could utilize a mix of teasers, exclusive content and interactive elements on social media to capture the attention of potential users worldwide. As example, Avatar The Way of Water which mentioned earlier used same Snapchat AR Avatar lens to allow users to capture a Na’vi version of themselves. The filter gained a lot of engagement and useful in both acquire and retain movie fans. Movie Marketing is not just about showing trailers anymore; it’s about making fans feel like they’re part of the movie’s world.

Through the innovative use of augmented reality, the film’s marketing team able to delights and engages with their fans through immersive experience. They have shown another example of combining experimental technology with storytelling via social media to their movie fans.

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