Published August 2, 2023 by

Written by Jasmine

Real Axe Incorporates An Augmented Reality Game into the ART-ZOO Happy ZOObilee Party in Conjunction With Singapore’s Birthday

Real Axe, a leader in experiential technology such as augmented reality (AR), is for the first time bringing its expertise to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, an integrated wildlife and nature destination home to Singapore’s wildlife parks. An AR game was created as part of Singapore Zoo’s 50th anniversary or Golden ZOObilee celebrations and themed to the upcoming National Day.

Augmented reality technology has revolutionized the way events and activities are elevated, providing a unique and immersive experience for visitors. By seamlessly blending digital content with the physical world, AR adds an extra layer of interactivity and excitement. Real Axe aims to leverage AR technology to add a new dimension to the visitor experience during the Golden ZOObilee celebrations and enhance visitor engagement with the larger-than-life ART-ZOO Happy ZOObilee sculptures. 

From 5 to 13 August, visitors to Singapore Zoo can participate in the AR game created by Real Axe as they explore the Instagrammable Happy ZOObilee Party featuring bespoke animal sculptures. Look out for the inflatable of Jubilee the Rothschild’s Giraffe and scan the QR code to try out the AR game. Spot virtual helicopters carrying the national flag, land the parachuters on the target near Jubilee and see a burst of fireworks upon completion of the activities. Players stand a chance to win exclusive promo codes including for the Mandai Wildlife Run in September and selected wellness activities leading up to the run.

Mr. Li Pengfei, CEO of  Real Axe (solution of NPN), expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating “We are thrilled to work with Mandai Wildlife Group to bring the wonders of augmented reality to the ART-ZOO Happy ZOObilee trail. By combining the magic of AR with the double celebrations of Singapore Zoo’s jubilee as well as the   nation’s  58th birthday, we aim to showcase the limitless possibilities of augmented reality and contribute to a well-rounded visitor experience.”

Real Axe is deeply committed to crafting a truly unique and personalized user experience for its partners. Beyond just leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology, the company excels in the realm of experiential technologies, seamlessly integrating mixed reality (MR), extended reality (XR), artificial intelligence (AI), volumetric video, and holographic technologies to craft awe-inspiring encounters that transcend the boundaries of conventional experiences.

Jump Into the Double Celebrations

   Jubilee Inflatable Sculpture (near Entrance to Treetops Trails)
   5 Aug – 13 Aug
   8:30am – 6:00pm
Play and win! Navigate and guide the three Red Lion parachuters to descend safely via Augmented Reality.