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Claud Tan

Hologram in Belated Graduation Context

South Korean independence activists played a crucial role in fighting for freedom from Japanese in the early 20th century. Many of them were students who gave up their education and fight for their country. To repay for what they have lost, Binggrae organized a belated graduation ceremony for the activists to acknowledge their sacrifice and contribution. As patriots have passed away, the organizer invited their descendants in represents their loved one to attend the ceremony. In the graduation ceremony, hologram and AI technology were integrated to create a lifelike 3D image of late activist to give a speech.

A woman testing a hologram appearance in front of her

What is Hologram

Hologram is a three-dimensional image created by interference of light beams from a laser. It captures both the brightness and the phase of light waves, which allows them to reproduce a 3D representation of an object. To create a hologram, a laser beam is split into 2 beams, object and reference beam. 

Object beam would direct onto an object then the light reflected onto a recording medium while reference beam shoot towards the recording medium. When these beam intersect, they create an interference pattern on the film that resemble a 3D image of an object. This 3D image appears to float in space and can be viewed from different angle, much like original object.

Not only that, advances in AI such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs) has made hologram more detailed and interactive. For example, AI-powered holograms have brough deceased artists like Tupac Shakur back to stage for performances.

A korean guy editing photo with AI

How hologram used in the graduation ceremony

It took a lot of planning and teamwork to create a perfect hologram effect. First of all, technologists need to work closely with historians and the families of the late activists to ensure the holograms were accurate and respectful.

Then, they used historical photos of late activists to create a digital likeness of the activists. The photos would be used to create the graduation yearbook and holographic of Chan Do Kim, who appeared on stage to give a speech.

Using AI algorithms, these images were transformed into dynamic holograms capable of realistic movements and expressions. These techniques have their own set of challenges such as how to ensure the holograms looked real in different conditions. Thus, the technology needs to undergo iterative testing and make use of advanced holographic display systems before it gets shown to public.

Significance and Impact

Using hologram technology to honor South Korean Independence activists is an inspiring and groundbreaking idea. It demonstrates the intersection of technology and history, showing how modern advancements can pay tribute to the past. By bringing these activists back to life through hologram technology, South Korea not only honors their legacy but also educates new generations about their sacrifices.

Besides, this ceremony show the potential application of hologram technology in the future. As example, it could be used to commemorate historical figures worldwide or brand mascot to attend an event, making the event more engaging and accessible.


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