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Written by Claud
Claud Tan

Irish Pub Revived with Heineken AR Experience

Heineken Ireland preserve historic Irish pubs culture with groundbreaking initiative, the PubMuseum. With Augmented Reality (AR), Heineken creatively transform Irish pubs into interactive virtual museums. This idea aims to preserve the historic Irish pub and reflects the importance of these establishments in Irish society.

Holding phone with PubMuseums interface
Credit : Heineken Ireland

The concept and inspiration of Heineken AR Experience

Heineken has teamed up with four Irish pubs to create engaging experience with AR technology. Customers at Toners Pub, Mother Macs Public House, Sean’s Bar and The Duke of York can scan a QR code to activate AR experience in respective location. With the QR code, customers can explore facts and stories of the historical artefacts.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, it could enrich the social atmosphere of historical pubs with interactive and educational content. For example, customer can find information and pop-up elements when they walk around the pubs. It able to story customers with rich cultural heritage of Irish pubs.

The storytelling experience could showcase the Irish pubs as museum and thus apply for official museum accreditation via the Heritage Council. The accreditation is vital for pub owners as they could obtain  government support grants, benefits and tax exemptions to sustain the business. By supporting pubs in a bid to become an official museum, Heineken aims to preserve pub culture and the future of socializing

Implementation of Augmented Reality

When customers enter, they can scan the QR code on the plaque to activate the virtual museum experience. Once it get activated, there would be audio tour to provide brief introduction of the pub. Every corner of the pub would have pop up written information and elements to allow you to study the pub’s history more.

The integration of AR technology in Irish pubs involves a sophisticated software solution. Any AR software such as Instagram and Snapchat recognizes the pub through computer vision technology, which analyses the video stream. Then the device would download information or element about the object from the cloud to portray the effects in the phone.


Integrating AR technology in Irish pubs brings benefits to the pubs and its’ customers. It improves the traditional pub experience, provides educational value, and creates a unique atmosphere. Most importantly, using AR technology to transform pub into museum and apply for Museum Accreditation for business grant is innovative move.

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