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Claud Tan

AI in iPhone

The recent expansion of Apple’s Ang Mo Kio campus in Singapore symbolizes its growth and commitment to innovation, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI). It’s a necessary investment needd to be done by Apple to stay competitive in market especially consumers are hype of owning an Samsung AI phone earlier this year. However, Apple has few hidden AI features that has integrated since 2011 that users might not aware of and Apple plans to work with Google’s Geminin to integrate generative AI into iPhone operating system. 

Unveiling the Hidden AI Features in Current iPhones

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Many iPhone users enjoy features to make their device experience seamless, not always realizing these are powered by advanced AI technologies. 

For example, voice-activated assistant, Siri has been around since iOS 5, which was released in 2011 is a good AI feature that iPhone users enjoy it. Siri could respond to users’ simple voice commands such as manage schedules, calls and alarms. Siri is sort or digital helper for iPhone users.

Another feature that we could really enjoy of would be Live Text. It’s a computer-vision tool, that recognized handwritten and type-written text in photos, which you could copy and paste with just a few taps. With this feature, it could make your Apple search more convenient whenever you would like to search text from a document. These features rely on powerful machine learning algorithms and Apple’s own neural engine, designed to maximized efficiency and privacy. 

How Apple’s AI Capabilities Compare to Competitors

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Apple’s approach to AI is distinct. Unlike its competitors, such as Samsung and Google, Apple opts to perform much of its AI processing on the device itself rather than in the cloud. This not only protects privacy but also ensures that AI features work offline. Thus, Apple’s focus on privacy and security appeals to those concerned about their personal information. However, this method has its limitations, especially in terms of the scope and speed of AI evolution compared to cloud-based approach which are continuously updated. 

Upcoming Generative AI Features in Apple Products

Looking ahead, Apple is rumored to include generative AI into Siri to handle more complex tasks on upcoming iOS 18. The technology, for instance, could allow ask Siri voice assistant to create a GIF using the last five photos they have taken and share it to contact. With ongoing investments in AI research and development in terms of infrastructure such as expansion of Ang Mo Kio Apple campus, talent, resources and policy agreement with different countries, Apple is believed able to create more sophisticated AI-driven products. Apple’s foundation principle of customer-centric approach in providing smarter devices yet more responsive to our needs would continue to amaze us in the future. Stay tuned for more updates with iPhone on its AI innovation. 

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