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Written by Li Peng Fei
Li Peng Fei

Why Your Business Needs NPN’s Gift Card System

Global e-commerce sales are expected to hit $5.5 trillion by 2022, helping to solidify this industry as one of the biggest and most rapidly growing sectors to be in. With this rising demand, businesses would be wise to capitalise on the trend so as to maximise their sales and revenue, by leaning on existing channels and introducing new ones.

For example, while many people spend directly on goods and services, the demand for digital gift cards also continues to grow due to its versatility as a present for loved ones. Compared to physical gift cards, this digital alternative gives your consumers significantly more leeway when it comes to the duration and means of usage, which is something they would greatly appreciate in the long run.

However, it’s imperative that your business partners with established retail technology experts such as our team at NPN, to provide you with the most efficient means to use this gift card system to fully tap on the opportunity to boost your brand’s revenue and reputation.

If you’re curious to learn more or are ready to set up your gift voucher system in Singapore, keep scrolling!

1. Ensure Cost-saving And Convenience

With our instant online distribution and redemption abilities for these gift cards in Singapore, it reduces the amount of costs you would normally spend on the production, manpower and delivery compared to physical gift cards, and even other products you may deliver at the same time.

By switching to a digital system, you can also repurpose these funds to other channels to better your business, or to engage in more marketing efforts to promote your brand.

2. Elevate Brand Awareness

Our team at NPN allows you the opportunity to customise the imagery, text or design on the digital gift cards to show your brand’s logo or colour schemes, which is not something that every retail technology company may be able to provide you with.

In doing so, this helps to customise your gift cards for the purchasers and recipients to help them better recognise your brand and the products or services that come with it. In the long run, this will help to solidify your brand’s position in your industry, all thanks to a little bit of extra branding.

3. Increase Sales

Like any other business, it’s important that you create multiple sales channels in order to widen the scope of your products and services and help create a larger consumer base. As one of the leading retail tech companies that offer gift voucher management systems in Singapore, NPN is the perfect choice for you.

By implementing NPN’s gift card management software in Singapore, your company is able to add these digital gift cards as an alternative sales platform for your consumers, and in doing so also helps to increase your business’ revenue over time.

How NPN Uses Their Retail Technology Expertise To Introduce Digital Transformation

In an era where online services have become the norm, NPN strives to provide all our clients with the ability to transform their business to one that’s savvy in the digital sphere.

The use of our gift card management software in Singapore comes with an array of perks, including our Application Programming Interface (API) which helps you manage this system with ease especially if you have your own website.

Additionally, your company will have free usage of our POS system which is readily available for any distribution and redemption from your consumers, with our software also allowing you to track and report the statistics of your gift cards, helping you to plan for any future promotions or campaigns you’ll be having in future.

More businesses and organisations are recognising the shift towards digitisation, such as the government introducing digital CDC vouchers in their efforts to go online. In the same vein, we’ve worked with companies such as Foodpanda to revolutionise their own vouchers for their consumers and future-proof their business.

Empower Your Business’ Digital Transformation With NPN

To sum it all up, digital gift cards have become the norm when it comes to virtual gift giving amidst the global pandemic, and the demand is expected to continue growing. If you’re looking to capitalise on this opportunity, now is the best time to do so.

If you’re ready to work with NPN in helping you set up your gift card redemption system in Singapore, take the first step by contacting us today, or read our blogs to learn more about the other retail technology services that we provide!

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